GOODBYE, Five Pounds!


Goodbye, Five Pounds!


I am excited to announce that Ashton has lost five pounds! According to Ashton, it has been very easy. Especially considering that he started the diet on the weekend. Weekends have always been challenging because the temptation to overindulge is always near. I have posted some of Ashton’s meals from the past few days. After the first day, we did change his meal plan. We divided his calories to include a mid morning snack. Actually, he had a difficult time eating enough calories because he wasn’t hungry. Instead of skipping meals, he was eating constantly! Ashton did make the mistake of not eating a protein breakfast before working out at the gym. When he got home, he was very light headed and shaky. Lesson learned! Also, his heart rate was entirely too high when he was working out. This can be dangerous. Especially since he hasn’t work out in a while. This was the one time I didn’t go with him. This is what happens when he is not under QueenJarrell’s strict supervision!

Ashton’s Revised Calorie Plan:

Breakfast: 300

Mid Morning Snack:200

Lunch: 500

Afternoon Snack: 200

Dinner: 600

Snack: 150


Ashton’s Breakfast (He hasn’t been very adventurous, yet!) For breakfast each morning, Ashton ate a packet of oatmeal, which hopefully, will help to lower his cholesterol. He also ate 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on a rice cake. Rice cakes are a great substitute for toast when trying to cut out flour. Ashton also included a banana. (Hooray, he ate fruit!)


Ashton’s Midmorning Snack  Ashton ate 1/4 cup of all natural almonds. This was a great choice for an on-the-road snack, as it didn’t wind up on his shirt! On the mornings he was home, he made a green juice with fruits and vegetables. He said that it was horrible, but kudos to him for trying!


Ashton’s Lunch (Yuck, that’s all I can say about that!) Ashton, the man who hates fish, actually likes canned tuna. That’s a good thing because I recently read that fish should be incorporated into your diet four times a week. To make his tuna salad, he mixed one can of tuna with 2 Tablespoons of olive oil mayo, a little chopped onion, jalapenos, sea salt, and cracked pepper. His calorie content was actually lower than was needed. He decided that he could add a boiled egg as well as eating his tuna on whole grain bread. He could also add a small orange.


Ashton’s Afternoon Snack  Because we were heading to the gym, Ashton needed fuel. He made a protein shake with a scoop of protein powder and 12 ounces of unsweetened almond milk. He also purchased a cool mixing cup! He really enjoyed the shake. We plan to experiment with adding different fruits once we purchase the vanilla flavor.


Ashton’s Dinner  For dinner each night, Ashton aims for about 8 ounces of meat and two cups of vegetables. Once he has lost weight, we can add a healthy carb, such as quinoa, a potato, or a whole grain pasta. 

Ashton’s Nighttime Snack (Going to bed on an empty or too full stomach causes disturbance in sleep!) Because Ashton doesn’t tolerate dairy well, we will only try to add a serving per day. He is enjoying the flavored greek yogurt!

As the week continues, we will make a better effort to post pictures of his nightly meals(before we get too excited and eat them), as well as new menu items. Please stay posted!