French Toast


photo 2

Lately, I have been craving pancakes. I tried the 2 ingredient pancake recipe that has been floating around the internet. It was a total FAIL! I had nightmares about it last night. Horrifying! This morning, I had an idea. French toast could easily be made lighter and I could still indulge in the sweet taste. It was simply fab! I will definitely make this again. Think of all of the topping possibilities. I can visualize it topped with homemade cooked apples in the fall, or fresh berries in the summer. You could adjust this recipe according to your caloric needs. Had I been making this for Ashton, I would have used whole eggs beaten with a little almond milk. I would have upped the quantity also. My calories are low because I eat so frequently throughout the day. Plus, I plan on splurging tonight on superbowl goodies!

The ingredients:

photo 1

Lite whole wheat bread ( Ideally, I would use a gluten-free bread)

3 Tablespoons of egg whites



Drizzle of sugar-free syrup


I put the egg whites on a small plate. Next, I soaked the bread in the egg whites on both sides. I placed the bread in the pan and cooked on medium heat for a couple of minutes on each side. I sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia and flipped it once more, melting the sugar. I drizzled it VERY LIGHTLY with syrup.

I added a little whipped cream and added an orange for vitamin C.

Can’t wait to try this one again!


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