Money Saving Soup


Can soup save you money? Absolutely! By not throwing away aging produce, you can concoct a wonderful mixture that you can freeze to eat later. Whenever I get sick of lunch salads, I often pull out a container of soup. Easy, peasy!

First, I cleaned out the fridge. Any produce that wasn’t perky was chopped and thrown into a big, shiny pot. I am very embarrassed to admit that I had a lot that could be thrown into the pot. For the past few days, my diet has consisted of snow cream and left over dips and finger foods from the first snow day. Not a single vegetable was eaten. You have to celebrate snow when it only comes once in five years!. We had a complete eating fest of junk for three days straight. Bad, bad, bad!photo (2)

The vegetables I used were zucchini, yellow peppers, and carrots (leftover from my non-eaten breakfast omelets). I also had part of a cabbage, diced tomatoes, limp kale. and black rice that were added to the mix. I debated on using the black rice, but since  I didn’t have brown, I decided to live on the edge. Black rice is full of antioxidants and it’s a good source of protein. That’s good, since I didn’t add meat.

photo (1)

 Last, I poured the box of chicken broth into the pot and added water to cover the vegetables. Before I added seasoning, I let it simmer for a couple of hours. Believe it or not, it only needed black pepper and salt. I didn’t have to add any other spices.


Conclusion: Yummmmmy!  The black rice did give it a darker color, but I did not find it objectionable. I am very open to trying new things. However, the true test is when I take it next door to my sick mother. She is the typical southern cook. Will she find it palatable, or will it be an epic fail?


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