Ashton’s Dieting Adventure with QueenJarrell




This is Ashton, my sweet and wonderful  husband of five years. He is on a diet. Although I love his charming self at any weight, we know that carrying excess weight around your middle section is not heart healthy. Of course, I have delegated myself as Queen Cheerleader and Queen Diet Planner. I would love to go back to school to become a nutrition counselor, however, the thought of getting another four year degree does NOT appeal to me! With that said, I am going to designate Ashton as my guinea pig.  I plan to use all of the nutrition knowledge that I’ve been storing in my head. The key to a successful diet is planning. As I have said before, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail! If Ashton will trust me, this just might work! Here we go……..

Step 1: Make a list of your long term goals.

Ashton’s Goals:

Loose 40 pounds before summer

 More endurance for exercise

Less Meds (and an empty drawer!)



 Develop a taste for vegetables (Seriously, I could chase him around the house with a piece of broccoli!)

Make healthier choices by limiting sugar, gluten, and white starches (Who really wants to eat paste?)

Maintain a healthy weight without restricting and without the use of diet supplements


Step 2: The Plan

First, we had to figure out how many calories Ashton needed for his daily intake. is the calorie calculator I used to figure out his caloric needs. Once we start working out, we may find that he needs to increase his calories.


 I divided the calories to ensure that they are equally distributed. He is to wait no longer than four hours between meals.

Breakfast-500 calories

Lunch-500 calories

Snack-300 calories

Dinner-500 calories

Snack-200 calories

After we allotted the calories, we made a list of options for each category. We tried to find things that he can easily eat on the road or when he is at auctions. Our focus is staying within the calorie range and making healthier choices. Later, we can fine-tune his eating.

There two helpful apps that I use regularly to track my nutrition. MyFitnessPal is one that I use everyday. Another is CalorieKing, as it is great for helping to choose healthy food options.

Also, we will make a weekly plan so that we can buy the appropriate groceries. This will also take the guess work out of planning dinner. WooHoo!  We will aim for 180 minutes of cardio exercise. Any cardio counts! *wink*Image


What is Ashton’s reward for losing the first 20 pounds? I will buy him one of the French cuff shirts with monogramming that he loves so much. A goal accomplished always deserves rewards! Even my art students would agree!

Now, with the planning done, we can sit back, relax, and let our plan do all of the work for him! Stay tuned as we post meals, as well as obstacles that he might encounter along his weigh loss journey!



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