Queen of Vacations


65678_10152168615609571_23458196_nYes! I am truly the Queen of Vacations. We recently returned from a cruise to the Bahamas. I know what you are thinking. The Bahamas? Really, Kathi? Can’t you be more creative? The Bahamas works for us. It’s easy. We know what to expect. It’s inexpensive. Need I say more? It was a quick drive to the port and we were on our way. Our vacation was even better, sharing it with friends! Our first stop was Nassau, where we did the “usual”. The “usual” is a trip to John Watlings distillery at http://www.johnwatlings.com/ . What an awesome place! Admission is free and the guide gives a wonderful tour of the facilities. Of course, what could possibly be better than sampling the fine Bahamian rum and cocktails on the patio.


Don’t forget shopping at the straw market where you can find a variety of bargain handmade items.

IMG_20131113_163014_322Of course, our “usual” trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the chocolate factory for lots of samples. Check them out on Facebook at Graycliff Chocolatier! It is Ashton-approved!








You will probably also see a rogue pirate. Of course, it is the Bahamas!


While touring Nassau, check out some of the historical things. We found the most beautiful old church on our walk. It was the oldest church in Nassau. It was breathtaking! One could definitely find peace in that church!

Please don’t believe the negativity surrounding the Bahamas. A vacation is what you make of it. Beauty can be found anywhere. An attitude of gratitude is the best thing that you can bring with you on any vacation!



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